Feb 2021 – ANAMNESIS is finished and will have its world premiere in the Forum of the Berlinale!

Oct 2020 – This year we had the honour of making the Festival trailer for the Duisburger Filmwoche. It uses an outtake from our film THE HOME (KLEINSTHEIM).

Nov 2020 – Matthias Dell and Sven Illgner have written new texts reflecting on the controversy caused by our film DAS BLOCK at the Duisburger Filmwoche in 2007. They are part of new website celebrating four decades of the festival’s legendary discussions, a central part of the Duisburg experience and much longer, more passionate and more uncomfortable than typical Q-and-As. Cristina Nord also wrote about the controversy in her text “What is Dignity?”, published in the book “AusSichten – Öffentliches Reden über Dokumentarfilm”.

Nov 2019 – Five years after our film PRIESTS (PFARRER), the magazine Zeitzeichen met up with the protagonists to see how their lives have progressed.

April 2012 – The Arsenal in Berlin staged a retrospective of our work. The newspaper taz wrote about it with an article entitled The Magic of Recognition and das Neue Deutschland with The End of Work.

Oct 2010 – We didn’t win the prestigous Konrad-Wolf-Prize of Berlin’s Academy of Arts. Béla Tarr did. Matthias Dell, Jutta Brückner and Thomas Heise had something to say about that in the newspaper Freitag.

Dec 2010 – The critic Silvia Hallensleben put THE HOME (KLEINSTHEIM) second on her list of best films of the year in Tagesspiegel.